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Even moar stuff from me.

Anyways I've promised our dear Liam a pillow with an applejack cutie mark quite a bit ago, but thought my stitching machine couldn't handle the swag of long haired fabric.

But I tried it out on a fabric sample recently and it twerked, so basically what I'm saying is that I'm offering pillows, for pretty much the cost of the fabric and the pillow itself, plus a bit for the thread I have to use and stuff.

If you want one, please indicate size, pony, and what kind of fabric, as in long haired, fleece or shiny smooth, though I have to try that one out too before I can make it, maybe that doesn't twerk.
It's possible that I can't make your pony because I can't find the stitching file for it though.

I will then tell you how much I would charge for it and suggest some fabric.

If no one's interested, that's fine too, less twerk for me.

Also I probably won't start on them till after the 29th of june, because of school.

That's all, I will put pictures up once I have something to show you Laugh

- Applejack 60x40

- Twilight 60x40
- Pinkie Pie 60x40
- Twipie 60x40 see above

Icephoenix (Depending on Cost)
- TwilightxLuna 60x40

- TwilightxLuna 60x40
Ahm maybe interested, can you show us an example of how it ends pls ? I will decide if I want one or not by the face it has. Thanks in advance !
I dunno... Is 50000m x 50000m okay? Like, that I can take a walk on it?

heh, seriously though. A 60x60 cm square pillow with long soft supersexy fur in (pastel)orange and a supersexy Apple buttmark, which is to be found on supersexy Applejack's flank <3 would really be supersexy.
Also, are you going to order the fabric yourself, or am I going to have to bring it to you?
And how ekthpenthive would that be? Spitfireawesome
So here's all I can show you, it's the stitching I've done on the fur, but I had to leave the house before it finished
[Image: 2013-05-251119561_zps792dd302.jpg]

I want to order most in bulk, that's why you either trust me, or will have to wait quite a bit till I order again

Also the fabric used in the shot was around 24.90 for 150x100 which would be more than enough for a pillow, but now that I know this kind of fabric works we could also use cheaper one.

Like this one
I'd also like to try out Pannesamt once, though since it's stretchy it'll be hell. But what I've seen so far it reminds me of Minky
The problems with those fabrics is that the colour range is really limited.

Anyway I'll update once I know more, I have no idea so far where to get the pillow from, but I'm thinking about raiding ikea and getting a bunch of them there, they're around 15.- so not that bad.
Could you calculate me, what the same pillow for twili would cost? I'm really interested in them :)
Make two of them (Phoenix and me), plus one Pinkie for me please ! Thanks in advance !
So I've looked around for twilight fabric (Which was ridiculoulsy hard to find SeriousTS )
I've found it on an UK based site which ships world wide and found this gorgeous lilac Spitfireawesome
This fabric for Trixie (Because somefaggot wants it Eyeroll )

This fabric for Pinkie

and this for AJ

I just contacted them about shipping prices, and will tell you how much it would cost, once they told me
Thank you very much !
is it possible to have a mixed one, like one side Twi and the other Luna?

or do i need to order two, one for each?Rdwink
No I can do that, usually I'd leave one side without the cutie mark though to make it comfier, but in that case I would put one each on the respective colour.
now I have to find a luna fabric.
Once I have I'll post it and ask if the colour is okay.
So I've looked around and it would be a lot easier for me and cheaper for you if instead of 60x60 we'd make it 60x40, because then the 100cmx150cm piece of fabric would be enough.
Also for the LunaxTwilight pillow I have only found very expensive fabric which would add up to 60.- only for the fabric cost, but probably would feel super soft and cuddly and stuff.
While for the others excluding the shipping it would be around 35.-
SFr 60.- is okay. i mean we talk about the plot of two princesses Thumbsup
How about more complicated forms? I would really like a pillow in the form and colors of Dashies cutie mark.

Or how about a pillow with stripes similar to my signature? Could it also be wider?
If mixes are possible, then I change my order : 1 Twili, 1 PP, and one mix Twili-Pinkie, the money doesn't matter
I could do either, but then I'd have to charge you more than just the fabric cost, because time investment.
Then would you want it multicoloured on both sides or just one?
Also still furry fabric or maybe something smoother?
For non-standard Pillows I'd stuff them with PolyFill anyways so any shape would be fine. Also wider

@Ryu well it might be a bit more, I still don't know the shipping cost

@Tibo Yus is fine, I will tell you once I've finished taking the first set of orders
Thks a lot, I'm in no hurry, so take your time ! I prefer slowly done but well done as quickly done and badly done
For the cutie mark pillow: Both sides would be nice. I'm unsure about the fabric, the furry one seemed to have rather long hairs. Do you have samples of the other fabrics so I could have a closer look at them?

For the wider rectangular pillow: I would actually use this as a pillow slip for my bed, so I think smoother fabric would be better there.

In the end it turns all out that I would like to feel some samples of the fabrics. Pinkiesmile When do we meet next? Friday?
Hmm well I don't own much fabric yet, but I can bring along what I own and we can figure it out.
Yes if the camping meet up is happening I should be there on friday.
Well, if it's possible I'd like to chage my order too^^ Could I have one like Ryu's? Twili/Luna would be great^^

Also any Ideas (just Ideas yet) for a sweetie Belle one? maybe white, striped with her mane colors?
Sure I could design some sweetie bell pillows, maybe with a lock at a corner or something. I'll upload some drawings once inspiration has hit me Rdwink

Also I'll change your order, no problem
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